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A Private Room at our community

A Shared Room at our community

Explore Our Living Options

Our communities offer a range of shared rooms, semi-private rooms, private rooms and

suites for you or your loved ones. Our rooms are specifically designed to provide the best

comfort coupled with a luxurious at-home feeling.

Private Suites 

Our large private suites provide the ultimate, comfortable home setting for your loved ones. Our private

suite boasts of a sitting/dining area and a private bathroom. 


Private Rooms w/ Shared Bathroom 

Explore our private room options. Private rooms leave nothing to the imagination. From our luxurious

and comfortable beds to adequate furniture, lighting and beautiful views of the pool area, front and

backyards, your loved ones will feel home away from home. Private rooms accommodate one person

with all the amenities at their disposal. 


Private Rooms w/ Private Bathroom. 

Consider this room option as a mini-suite. They present a home setting with a personal

sitting/dining area. The bathroom is in close proximity, giving the room almost the same feel as

the private suites. This room option also comes fully furnished with all necessary room furniture

and personal television.


Semi-Private Rooms 

Our semi-private rooms are just as comfortable and are perfect for residents who on average prefer

some level of interaction with another resident. Although a resident in a semi-private room shares

the room with another person, they each have their personal entrance, closet space, room furniture

and television with head sets to ensure privacy. 

Shared Rooms 

Our shared room option is available for residents who desire on average, more interaction with

another resident. These rooms are large enough to accommodate unrestricted movement of residents,

and boasts of personal amenities such as personal televisions and personal room furniture.  

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